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  1. Hello, I just found your website today (11/23/2019).
    I am an American Patriot and I love our country.
    I want to know that a youtube video titled TRUMP: From Darkness … THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD” is authentic.
    I believe it was produced by you, or promoted by you.
    Is it really our president, Donald Trump in that video?
    Or is the video made up?
    Thank you for your patriotism and your love of God and our country.

    1. @Robert E. O’Donnell, first off, welcome to our site. Now, if you are the same person that was on my YouTube channel asking that question telling me I should take that video down because of Trump withdrawing our troops from Syria you’re wrong. Just because I don’t like how he pulled our troops from Syria, that doesn’t mean all other things that he has done that are good for America and the world in general go out the window.

      It seems to me that people who request to have that video taken down as you did (if that was you who left that comment on YouTube) aren’t really as Patriotic as you are leading on. You may even be a leftist trying to turn people on Trump. If that isn’t/wasn’t you, then you can and should ignore my above comments. However, if it was, then reread them because they apply. Know that most of us on the right don’t aimlessly follow things like people on the left do. The lefties watch CNN and MSNBC and believe it as the word of God. Most of us on the right don’t just watch and listen to Trump and think everything he does and says is perfect. At least I don’t and if/when I come across conservatives who do that, I reprimand them because that is ridiculous.

      Now, again with that said, Trump has done so many good things for this country. The withdrawal of our roughly 50 troops from Syria was not one of them and that is why the ISIS fighters are freed by crazy Muslim run Turkey and Erdogan who is the leader of the Muslim world…that’s why ISIS is resurgent and is now again trying to wage attacks. Trump didn’t lie about defeating ISIS. They were virtually unheard of for a couple of years. I’m sure the Trump administration is monitoring them very closely and will annihilate those savage terrorists as needed.

      Lastly, as for the video you mentioned called “TRUMP: From Darkness, To Light…THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!” found at https://youtu.be/SLgy1taMLiU , I found it on facebook. Anytime I repost a video, I post in the descriptions of them the original place I found the video. It looks like people like you (if you are that leftist operative I spoke of earlier) already know that though and got the video taken down on Facebook. Again, if that wasn’t you who left that original YouTube comment, then this doesn’t apply but if it does, it applies big time.

      The censoring of the truth must stop and this video is the truth just like most things the right is talking about and posting these days. I don’t know why you would even ask if it is authentic. All you have to do is pay attention to the world around you to know if the words he speaks in that video are “authentic” and true or not. The words are very real, very true and very authentic. I did not produce the video but I watched it, liked it, agreed whole heartedly with what he was saying in the video and reposted it for others to enjoy. I think it was a speech of his or maybe snippets from a couple of them or a few of them and then people put different video and pictures alongside it to drive his points home. That is a standard editing practice of countless videos across the internet. This one is no different. Until next time, stay American, stay Patriotic and above all else, STAY GODLY! Peace.

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